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To Financial Success 


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You can put an end to the anxiety every time you look at your business finances, stop the fear that bubbles up when a new expense pops up, and finally be confident in your business and personal financial decisions.

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Owning and running a business is a journey.  And It's Not Always Smooth Sailing

There can be a lot of ups and downs as you are navigating the path to success.

As you know that your business finances have an impact on your personal finance.  Whenever you need to make a big advertising spend or purchase new equipment, you also need to consider the upcoming family vacation and that special birthday party you're planning for the little one.

Not to mention the added stress when the orthodontist bill comes in or the hot water heater blows.  Your first thought is, "Can the business cover this?"

And that's why you can't plan for your financial future without considering all parts of your life.

Does the Idea of Planning Your Finances Make Your Head Spin?

"I'm not good at Math."

"I don't even want to look at it."

"Can't I just hand it over to a professional?"

Although it would be nice to ignore the numbers and go about running our businesses.  Not even thinking about the impact our business and life decisions will make on our future.  To worry about it all later, and enjoy margaritas by the pool instead.

But the problem is, when later comes, you may wish you had decided differently.

Knowing and understanding your finances isn't about stopping you from taking a dream vacation.  It's about planning to take more of them as the years go on without the guilt, stress, or worry that you can't afford it.

Having a strong foundation of financial knowledge will help you even when it's time for the professionals to take over. 

As your business grows or your finances get more complex, you may decide to hire an expert.  And you will feel confident in your decision with a little knowledge under your belt. 


You Need Someone to Simplify It All

To take the complicated terms, reports, acronyms, and numbers - and make them easy to understand.

You know that the secret to winning at life now and in the future involves a little planning.  But you also know that you don't have to be an expert at accounting to reach your goals.

But, you want to know enough to speak intelligently about it.  And to be confident enough to work with a specialist when you can no longer take the time to do it yourself.  Because you know, your time is too valuable to spend on numbers.

When you create a plan, you can follow it.  As long as it's kept simplified and you have the skills to handle any waves along the way.


What You Need is a Full Picture, Future Vision, Whole Life Financial Course of Action

That doesn't just cover your business but covers your life and personal finances too.



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Chart Your Course

Where you will create and manage your financial success for your business and your life


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I've taken everything I have learned from working with small business owners for over 10 years.  Fielding countless questions about business and personal finance to help so many clients create plans for their financial success. 

I am now putting my expertise into this course.

Chart Your Course is More Than Just a Training Program, It's A

Roadmap to Financial Success

This course designed to walk you through the process of learning, creating, and managing your financial future. 

Yes, you'll gain the foundational knowledge to manage your business and personal finances.  You will finally understand all those accounting terms that made your head spin.  And you will walk away with a course of action charted out to follow.

The End Result:  You will have confidence in your fiscal decisions because you will have clarity over your finances.


this in-depth financial course will...

Combine Business and Personal Financial Knowledge to Create a Plan For Your Entire Life

As a business owner, you have two sides to your finances.  You can't be successful on only one-side.  Chart Your Course will teach you how the two work together to create financial success.


Help Identify the Mental Blocks That Are Holding You Back While at the Same Time Creating Goals and a Vision for the Future

In the first week of this course, I will walk you through how to think bigger and create goals for your future.  We can't make a chart your course until we know our bearings and destination.  This is one of the most critical steps to financial success.


Make Budget a Friendly Word Along With Making Those Business Financial Reports Easy to Read

Gone will be the days of guessing if your business decision will pay off.  After you've Charted Your Course, you will be able to look at P&L Statements, Balance Sheets, KPIs, and Financial Statements and actually understand what they are telling you; raising your confidence in your judgment.


Teach You What To Track In Your Business While Setting Up Simple Automations to Make Your Financial Processes Seamless

This course will show you how technology can save you time and headaches.  Leaving you will a simple task list and detailed reports to monitor.  Your time should be spent improving those financial numbers and good tracking will help you identify where you can make the greatest impact.


...and so much more.

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If you are FINALLY ready to take the wheel of your ship and steer it to financial success...



Stephanie Thacker

I'm so excited you're here! I am a total numbers nerd, and I love helping small business owners simplify their business finances.

In 2011, I founded Steadfast Bookkeeping Company, a full-service, done-for-you bookkeeping, and tax firm, and over the years, we've helped hundreds of small businesses with their numbers. 

In addition to that, I'm so happy to now offer educational resources to small business owners that are looking to learn and understand how finances help to grow their business. I love educating small business owners on how you can simplify your finances while also maximizing profits.

After working with so many small business owners over the last 10 years, I found that there is a need to dive a little deeper.  To learn how personal and business finances intermingle.  Understanding the fundamental concepts in this course will accelerate your business growth.

Here's how it all

Breaks Down



The core course materials include 30 video lessons each with an audio version.  Each week you will receive a workbook that includes a written study guide/worksheet. The modules are released weekly.






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What You Will Learn:

Week 1

Setting Up Your Foundation for Financial Success

We can’t create a roadmap to your financial future if we don’t have a clear understanding of where you want to go.  We will look at where you currently are and where you want to go during this first week.  


  • You will gain control of your finances, giving you a starting point for your future.
  • Learning to set goals that don’t just move your business forward but transform your life as a whole.
  • A frank discussion of the Mindset Traps that can hold you back from reaching your goals.

Week 2

Becoming More Aware of Your Personal Finances Success

Gone will be the days of hiding from your bank statements. You will finally understand how net worth, income, and budgets work in your favor to create the financial future you want.


  • Understanding how basic accounting relates to your personal finances.
  • Creating a personal statement of your net worth and income.
  • Learn how a budget is actually a plan for your future.

Week 3

Become More Aware of Your Business Finances Success

Now that you understand the basics of accounting for your personal finances, it’s time to take those skills and apply them to your business. But, businesses need a little bit more data to become useful. Because we don’t want to maintain your business, we want to set it up for sustainability. And that all starts with creating the foundational pieces to monitor.


  • Reading and learning from business financial statements
  • Creating balance and income statements, plus how to use them effectively
  • Planning your business budget so you can make better decisions to drive profits in your business

Week 4

Taking the Confusion Out Of Financial Technology Success

Simplifying your finances for both your business and personal life starts with a few automations. If you want to stop slaving over your financial records, adding a few essential software programs may be the trick. In this week’s lessons, we will set up processes that save you time and hassles.


  • Understand the fundamental processes of managing your finances
  • Using technology to automate your processes
  • Advanced techniques to make Quickbooks a breeze to use

Week 5

Understand What to Monitor in Your Personal Key Performance Indicators Success

KPIs are not just for big corporations. They are essential for any roadmap to a goal. Essentially they are tracking your process and keeping you on course. And they don’t have to be complicated. This week’s lessons will teach you how to use them to your advantage.


  • Identifying the KPIs for your personal situations
  • Setting up processes to monitor your KPIs
  • Reflecting on the progress of your KPIs and identifying changes for the future

Week 6

Create Processes for Ongoing Financial Success Success

We wrap up this course with a review of the progress made. Setting up periodic reviews of your goals and finances is what will keep you on course. Life happens, and goals change. These processes will set you to handle whatever life throws at you.


  • Learn to handle it when you need to revise your goals
  • Become skilled at projecting your monthly and yearly finances
  • Set up structures to allow your business to excel

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  • All 6 Week of Video Lessons
  • 6 Workbooks with Everything You Need to Create Your Plan
  • All the PDFs & Audio Files
  • Access to Stephanie to Ask Your Questions Through the Student-Only Facebook Group

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